Looking for advice on CCTV to TV setup

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Looking for advice on CCTV to TV setup

Postprzez joejonsme » 2018-07-05, 13:59


I'm looking to have a camera trained on a stage, and have that feed a TV elsewhere on premises (within 200'-possibly closer than 100') for monitoring live performances . An IP cam won't work because of the inherent delay. So a straight CCTV seems to be the way to go, but I just need a single camera with a direct feed (and can add a whatever-to-HDMI adapter if needed). But most of what I've seen are security camera type that aren't necessarily all that good for that kind of thing (slow framerates, not really 2MP, etc). As of right now audio is not needed (it could be fed from the mic feeds, so that would be the audio guys domain). I also could do an analog to SDI adapter, feed SDI to wherever, then converting SDI to HDMI at the end (using SDI to push the long distance without going nuts about analog line degradation). Any suggestions on what kind of camera (or even a specific model)?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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