Car tuning setup reset bug RETURNS

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Car tuning setup reset bug RETURNS

Postprzez joejonsme » 2018-07-05, 13:56


After patch 1.4 I noticed my setups were saving. I would head out on track for practice, return to pits to make changes and find that everything was expected. Now after a couple of days I'm finding the same old bug has returned. I make changes to setup, head out and run some laps then return to pits make changes only to find that the changes I made the first time are gone and the car has reset to the way it was before race start. I first noticed it while doing some free practice runs trying to get up to speed to compete in a road car invitational. I thought it was maybe relegated to free practice so I just skipped the event and went on with my GT4 career only to find it is happening now there as well. It makes it a total pita trying to tune up the car during practice sessions when the settings reset themselves every time I return to pits. Respectably, PLS fix.

Any help will be apprecited.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References: ... ug-RETURNS
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Thank you.
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