Tune issue or mechanical?

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Tune issue or mechanical?

Postprzez joejonsme » 2018-07-05, 13:55


I have been trying to diagnose a problem with my 18 1le for a couple of weeks and no luck. I have the Vortech V3 tuner kit and for some reason the car has a very irregular problem to where I hear the bypass valve let out boost on acceleration and then no boost like either the car is making vacuum before I shift or throttle closes and car goes to vacuum. It seems to happen only at moderate throttle in second gear at 3-3500 rpm. If I go wide open throttle it never hesitates pulls hard 1st through 5th. I have checked bypass and it’s adjusted and working properly and switched out throttle body in case it was weak and still does it. I am wondering if car is pulling vacuum while driving and needs it’s own vacuum separate from Vortechs install instructions or if there is something in a setting my tuner has missed. Any input would be awesome I got this kit installed because I wanted to enjoy the extra power but if I would have known it would be like this I would have left it alone.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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